Fotka Pavla Továrka

Pavel Továrek - born 1980 in the Czech republic

Artistic blacksmith and sculptor.

Pavel picked up his first experience at age of 15 in a blacksmith shop of Jan Španihel in Brno. After traditional three-year apprenticeship he traveled as a journeyman and cooperated with blacksmiths in Czech republic.

In the year 2003 he opened own shop near his house in Březina.

2005-6 went to Italy and worked with Claudio Bottero and Roberto Giordani for almost two years.

2008- his first three months tour in the United States, colaborate with Shawn Lowell.

2010-11 his second journey to USA and he worked with Jim Austin,Jon Sarriugarte an Tim Cisneros.

He lives in Bělá u Jevíčka in the Czech Republic

Shows and demonstrations

2000   Hefaiston demonstration at castle Helfštýn

2002   demonstration in Miscolc (Hungary)

2003   bienale of blacksmith art in Stia (Italy)

2004   Feraculum in Ybbsitz (Austria)

2006   Feltre (Italy)

2008   CBA O'fest (USA)

2009   exhibition in Jevíčko together with painter Michal Gloser (Czech rep.)

2009   Hefaiston a jury mention for his works

2010   exhibition and show in "Cricked Engine Gallery" in Oakland (USA)

2012   Hefaiston third place for his sculptures